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Topher was born and raised in Spokane, WA by his parents Donna & Kermit, who are still married to this day. At a very young age and through his relationship with his older brother, he developed a knack for annoying people of authority.

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At age 13 he read “See You at the Top” by Zig Ziglar, and he never looked at life the same way again. Not being one to follow the status quo, he opted against going through college, and right after finishing high-school he took a job working on an assembly line. However, his motivation and desire to ‘get to the top’ moved him quickly through the corporate ladder, and by age 19 he became the corporate trainer for over 3,000 employees.

By age 24 he entered the world of entrepreneurship, and nine months later he was on the verge of bankruptcy. Topher knows what it’s like to wonder where the next paycheck might come from while eating Mac & Cheese made from water instead of milk.

The school of hard knocks has taught him not to take your blessings for granted, and to realize that no matter how tough things are, someone else has it much worse. He firmly believes that authenticity is far more important than image.

One of the greatest titles anyone could ever earn is that of ‘public servant.’
— Topher Morrison

Tampa Knows Topher

The list of collaborations and partnerships that Topher has developed is too long to list here. From providing meals to families as a committee member of Feeding Tampa Bay, to understanding the nuances of our city thanks to his participation in Leadership Tampa Bay, Topher has been no stranger to all sectors of our city.

He is also involved in education as a member of the Board of Fellows and a Professor of Practice at the University of Tampa. Topher is a founding member of the Center Circle (a leadership committee inside The Centre for Women), and his company is a proud supporter of the Combat Wounded Veterans Challenge, a local charity committed to showing our vets that just because they might be paralyzed, it doesn’t mean they’re crippled.

On any given day, you can find Topher in Tampa’s Downtown having a conversation with the homeless and helping to connect them with local charities so they can get their lives back on track.

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