Was Topher Really a Hypnotist?

Sort of, but the article missed one key point. In my decade + long career, I was a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, helping my clients improve their lives by sharing with them how to use their subconscious minds with purpose and intention. The word “hypnotist,” as the articles chose to use, does not do justice to my previous profession. And I might as well take this moment to confess something else from my past, because if you dig deep enough, you’ll find even more, so I’ll just come right out and say it. I used to work for the mob. It’s true, My ties with organized crime go deep. For several years I worked at Godfather’s Pizza. I started out working the counter and worked my way up to Delivery Supervisor.

Thanks to the ‘hard-hitting journalism’ of Charlie Frago, you can read all about my past career, and how my political opponents feel about it. But frankly, it’s about as relevant as my days delivering pizzas. It was a job folks. Nothing more. While I’m quite proud of my past career, Charlie had a bit of fun and made some good (but very predictable) jokes, called my political opponents so they could take their shots, and it’s okay, because in the world of politics it’s all fair game. Also, I’m usually the first person to crack a joke at myself so I can appreciate a good heckle and I smiled at least twice while reading the article. In fact, his colleague Daniel Ruth, who is known for his sarcastic comedy writings wrote a follow up article that re-purposes the same jokes in the first article, but with more colorful words. And I’ll admit, when I read, “…Morrison brings all the name recognition of whoever finished last in the Kentucky Derby to his campaign for mayor.” I laughed so hard I may have peed a little. For a laugh, here’s his article:

If Charlie would have asked, I would have given him some far better, and less predictable jokes to use, but he missed that opportunity. He also missed the opportunity to ask me any relevant questions about my campaign which I found quite interesting for a reporter of his calibre and a publication like the Tampa Bay Times. I’ve already contacted Charlie and asked if he would like to redeem his reputation by interviewing me about real issues that the voters of Tampa are interested in. He’s indicated he’s up for it, but as of today, he hasn’t proposed a date.

In the article, he mentioned that you can still purchase my training programs on hypnosis online. But what he failed to mention was that the website selling them is a foreign bootlegging company selling my products illegally. Which no doubt, has probably made a few sales as a result. I would have thought he could have seen that based on the frequent typos and poor grammar on the website, but alas, pirates have won again. As someone who does not support pirated programs, I’m placing links for everyone to watch those videos online for free. This way, if you would like to learn more about my past, my teachings, and the effectiveness of hypnosis you’re more than welcome to watch them. It’s quite extensive; there are 75 videos in total. So save yourself the money and let’s save the world from pirates!



If you have any questions, I can be reached directly at 813 857 8638. I’m very proud of my past profession, the work I did, and the lives I transformed. I’m not sure Charlie can say the same about this particular article. If you have any comments for Charlie, you can leave them at the end of the article that he wrote on the Tampa Bay Times website. Here’s the link:



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Jodi McLean
Jodi McLean
June 7, 2018 4:10 pm

Interesting how their cheeky attempts to undermine your credibility makes them look like petty and ignorant.