Topher on News Talk Florida by Chris Ingram

I had a great time on News Talk Florida with the host, Chris Ingram. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous going on his show. I’ve heard he can be ruthless, but he was really cool. I had a great time, and I thought he was thorough and fair with his questions.

We talked about Synapse, Jeff Vinik and Water Street District, Tampa transportation, storm water drainage, the Stovall-Lee House controversy, my vision for Tampa #RooftopCity, and Bayshore Blvd safety.

I hope he invites me back soon, and I think it would be fun for him to invite all the Mayoral Candidates at once and have an on-air debate. If he did, and allowed people to call in, what type of questions would you want him to ask? Leave your questions in the comments below.