Social Injustice Decimates Hamburger Mary’s

This extreme case of social injustice hits close to home. We had a campaign fundraiser scheduled at Hamburger Mary’s, which didn’t happen because the health department shut them down. And, unfortunately, that shut-down became permanent. Hamburger Mary’s being named publicly in the Hepatitis scare left such a scar on their name that they couldn’t recover; and they had to close their doors for good. An extreme case of social injustice that we, as a community, can’t ignore.

In my 20’s, I lived with a gay roommate. I saw the social injustices done to him regularly, and I’m very aware of the discriminatory practices aimed at our LGBTQ community. I’m an active member of the LGBTA Democratic Caucus. So, when I say that this unfolding story speaks to my soul–not just as a champion for social justice, but as a hard-working, small business owner who understands how devastating it must be to have to close a business and leave my work family without jobs–I really mean that the mounting evidence that suggests a targeted attack on Hamburger Mary’s leaves me incensed.

As your next mayor, the top of my priorities and my very first platform point is being a champion for social justice. For all of our marginalized neighbors, for those who feel bullied, or unsupported, or hopeless…I will be your mayor.

It’s time to elect an underdog who will fight for the underdogs. #DoTheImpossible