Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors in Tampa: Just No.

I don’t have the words. But I can start with these: Cruel. Archaic. Patronizing. Sanctimonious.

Just no.

I am stunned by the recent news that a Federal judge is attempting to block the ban on gay conversion therapy on Tampa minors. MINORS. I understand that the intricacies of the constitutionality of the ban has to do with informed consent of such “treatments.” But how much “informed consent” can a minor truly give? Childhood is a time to find oneself. I will never stand on the side of brainwashing a child; whether such means of brainwashing includes physical or verbal practices is completely irrelevant.

This won’t be a long diatribe about the details of this alarming turn of events. But know that as your Mayor, I will always stand on the side of those who don’t have a voice, who are bullied, and who are made to feel that they are less of a human by someone else’s standards. Tampa needs an underdog who will fight for the underdogs; both adult and child. In no way would I support this suppressive effort, and in every way possible, I will fight it.

If you’d like to learn more about this story, I suggest watching THIS VIDEO posted on The Young Turks Facebook page.