Did Topher Flunk the East Tampa Test?


In fact, based on the criterial for how the article describes failing the test, I passed it – along with Harry Cohen. The article, originally posted by Jim Bleyer from the Tampa Bay Beat, clearly indicates that Harry and I were present at the Candidate Roll Call by Candy Lowe, and mentions how Jane Castor, Ed Turanchik, Mike Suarez, and David Straz were the no-shows.

When the article was reposted through the Ybor City Stogie they posted a picture of me, as you can’t post a picture of someone who wasn’t there to have their picture taken. So while the association of the title with my picture makes it look like I was the one who failed, I don’t believe it was intentionally misleading, but rather unfortunate placement of my photo next to an eye-catching title.

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