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Topher Morrison

Champion for Your City

Topher for Tampa

It’s Time To Get Down To Business

Tampa needs a Mayor who isn’t afraid to make decisions, and Topher understands the whole “getting things done” thing.

He has been an active entrepreneur for the past two decades, dealing with challenges at a local and even global scale.

Who is this guy?

You deserve to wake up every morning knowing that the city’s got your back.
— Topher Morrison

Tampa’s Goals Are In Line With Topher’s

  • Real Transit Solutions

    Feet before bikes, bikes before transit, transit before cars, ensures EVERYONE has equitable opportunities to move throughout our city.

  • A Friend of the Environment

    Topher pledges to make Tampa a 100% renewable energy city, plant 100,000 additional trees, and build a rooftop city that makes the world take notice.

  • Social Justice

    A city of hope dedicated to inclusive leadership, a living wage for all, and protecting marginalized communities.

What he stands for

Topher Tampa

Topher’s Values

  • Transparent

    With nothing to hide, it’s important that you are in the know as to what is going on and how your funds are being spent.

  • Open-Minded

    Leo da Vinci once said, “Genius is the ability to hold two opposing thoughts in one’s mind simultaneously.” Our mayor should be able to listen to all sides of the political spectrum, and respect each one.

  • Innovative

    Those issues the city can never seem to solve? They are still there because we are still asking the wrong questions. Topher is skilled at cracking through problems through innovative thinking.